Very, very inspirational stuff right here. You can’t force …

Comment on This One Thing Gave Me Control of My Finances (and Left Me Debt-Free) by Dividend Diplomats.

Very, very inspirational stuff right here. You can’t force budgeting, habits, etc. if you yourself aren’t fully committed or aren’t interested. Similar to you were, I’m not a budgeter. I am interested for about a month and then I start to lose interest. So I’ve stop kidding myself and just kind of watch my income and expenses losely while monitoring the overall income and expenses that are coming in.

The comeback story is awesome. When you took charge of your finances, you accepted the current state and transformed from denying/ignoring the issue to accepting it, owning it. This allowed you to put what happened in the past behind you and look towards solutions for fixing the problem. If you are in denial, you can’t start looking forward because there is no way to fix a problem you don’t acknowledge is there.

Thanks again for sharing this inspirational story. Congrats on turning it around!

Bert, One of the Dividend Diploamts