An Invitation to Make an Impact

communityHi there! If you can’t already tell, we’re pretty excited to have you visit!

We’ve been working on something amazing- something that could potentially help a lot of people. It has taken us over a year to put it all together and we’re stoked it’s finally up and running!

We can’t wait to show you around here in a bit!

But first, we want to officially welcome you and briefly explain who we are, our vision, your role, and how we can benefit from each other.

Sound fair? I hope so.

Here at, we are a community of individuals that desire to become better stewards of our finances. We’ve created this site to provide a way for us to journey together as we pursue this passion.

Our hope is that we will help guide each other toward these goals by sharing our experiences, encouraging one another, and holding each other accountable. You can read more about this on the about page.

Our philosophy is simple.

Everyone has something to offer, whether they know it or not.

Yes, this whole site is built on the belief that: The wisdom of many is better than the knowledge of one. We all have experience and knowledge we’ve picked up along the way. If shared, your insight can make all the difference in someone’s situation.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join our unique approach to personal finance. Help change your situation and that of those around you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, you have a corporate job, you’re a college student, or you’re a missionary living on financial support, there is a place for you here.

Chances are that someone out there has gone through your current situation and they can help you get through it faster, and with less blood, sweat, and tears. It could very well usher in the breakthrough you’ve been needing for months. Or even years.

Not struggling? That’s okay too!

You’re also invited because you might have the tools someone else needs. Join the community and put your experience to use. Change the world someone’s world.

At, we believe personal finance is a journey, but one you don’t have to take alone. So whether or not you’re struggling, there is power in journeying together. Together, we can accomplish so much more.

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Ready to look around?

? Your Personal Tour

This tour is to help you get familiar with the website and hopefully simplify navigation for you. I had a blast putting this site together, so I hope you have just as much fun going through it!

Shall we?

The layout for is clean and simple by design. You can get to any page with a single click. The menu is at the top with our social network links on the top right, allowing you to navigate through the entire website with ease.

Connection is a priority to us. We like to hear from you, so feel free to contact us with questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. We’ve made it easy for you to do that. You can hit us up from the contact page or with the contact form on the lower right side of your screen.

We’re passionate about helping people with managing money- especially those wanting to be better, but don’t know how or where to start. If you find any content informative, inspiring, or valuable, please share.

We’ve made it really easy to do that, too. You can email, tweet, pin, post, like, share, or use in any other way to share on your social network. All you have to do is click the appropriate “share” button on the left of each page. If you’re on a smartphone, it’s located on the bottom of your screen.

Another way to share content is by highlighting the portion you want to share and choosing the appropriate social network button you want to use. Go ahead… try it!

That covers the tour. :) Hopefully it will come in handy.

If you haven’t already, please join the community and never be out of the loop. New content is published every other week. We’ll notify you with changes as they come, so be sure you receive them by subscribing.

Thanks for stopping by and journeying with us. We’ll talk soon!

Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or goals by leaving a comment.

Francis John

I used to be careless, uncommitted, and inconsistent in my financial obligations. One day, things changed. Today, I am in control of my finances. I want to show you how.

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