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I grew up fast, and like many in my generation, with little knowledge of money. This became more evident when I moved out on my own.

My financial situation had me in a choke-hold.

I was careless, inconsistent and ignorant about personal finance. I lived for today, hardly ever thought about tomorrow. I didn’t save, I often borrowed. And since I had no regard for my financial obligations, paying back was always a challenge.

I quickly accumulated $900 in credit card debt and close to $14,000 in student loans in the short period of living on my own. And I was struggling to make the minimum payment. My payments were occasionally late, and I mean 30 to 60 days late.

According to my credit history, I was 120 days late a couple of time.

But, I didn’t care.

Things got out-of-hand fast, causing my credit to plummet. Before I knew it, it was affecting my career options, dictating where I could and couldn’t work. I was even turned down a bank teller position because of my credit history. That’s when I realized it was getting serious.

Within two years of this epiphany, the debt was paid off in full.

These days, I’m trying to implement all that I have learned with my wife. I have to admit, it’s a different ball game when two people are involved, but the principle is the same. We are growing. We’re learning. And we’re having fun.

I started this blog with the hope of provoking and inspiring others — single and married alike — to start investing into their own financial well-being.

I wanted to create a platform for others to share their stories so we can all grow to become better stewards.

My hope is that when we are done here, we’ll be equipped to break the negative cycle of poor financial choices in ur lives, master habits that will make us financially successful and thrive . In addition, we’ll empower others. I’m excited to learn with you and the community!

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