Why Financial Vision is Essential in Managing Your Money Successfully (and How to Cast it)


How crucial is financial vision in managing your money? You might be surprised.

Have you ever had your weakness laid bare before you? Maybe even to everyone around you? A problem arose, demanding a solution right there and then. Being the brave fellow or lady you are, you didn’t back down. You took it, head on — in front of everyone — only to fail.

Looking back, clearly it was beyond you. Beyond your skills or aptitude. Beyond your resources. You were incompetent for the task. Pretty humbling, huh?

The thing is, some of us feel that way about our finances. Perhaps you can relate. You know the feeling you get when your budget and expenses don’t balance out for the month? Even after trying so hard, somehow you end up overspending…

Or falling prey to the old self, with impulsive shopping habits. With a single transaction, you can regress after months of success! And the worst part… it feels like those closest to us can see right through it. You can tell by their faces. You can see it in how they behave when they’re around you.

But, are your skills, or the lack thereof, the root cause of your financial struggle? I highly doubt it. And I don’t think it’s how much money you bring in either.

Your finances are in need of this one CRUCIAL ingredient:


So how serious is vision for sucess?

A vision might be the most powerful way to keep you focused on what you want in life while keeping you motivated in achieving it.” -Joel A Barker

Why You Need Financil Vision to Thrive in Financial Management 

Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Companies pay men and women millions of dollars to lead their organizations. These leaders have to withstand changes, overcome challenges, and navigate beyond competitors, while taking care of their employees and achieving growth and profitability.

What is at the forefront?


Great leaders can create a compelling vision so powerful that it generates enthusiasm and commitment throughout an organization that will keep it moving forward for decades. Their success is linked to them being visionary.

According to an article posted in Harvard Business Review, “The downfall of many a failed CEO has also been attributed to his or her lack of vision.”

Diego Bolzonello, Former Geox CEO, believes that vision is really the main role of the CEO.” This speaks volumes, coming from one who has walked the path.

Th fact is, a great leader with great vision can take a company from being on the verge of closing, and raise it to greatness, like the phoenix rising out of the ashes.

Example: The late Steve Jobs.

The thing is, when it comes to personal finance, you’re the CEO of your finances. And as the CEO of your finances, you’re responsible for guiding it to sucess, regardless of its current condition.

But without a financial vision, managing your money is like trying to climb Mount Everest without a harness, proper shoes, or prior experience of climbing. It’s almost impossible.

How to Cast a Financial Vision That Can Take Your Finances to the Next Level

A wise and wealthy king once said, “my people perish because of the lack of vision.”

The more I get to know money, the more it seems to behave like people. For example, have you ever hada large portion of your paycheck vanish (well, at least it seemed that way), and you couldn’t link the decrease to a significant purchase that you had planned for?

You’re not alone.

The truth is: When we don’t have vision for our money, it will perish (from our possession).

So, how do you cast a vision for your personal finances?

To establish a great vision, you first need to know what you want. What do you want to accomplish with your money? In what state do you want to see your finance, five, ten, or even thirty years down the road?

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Consider this checklist as you dream, imagine, and brainstorm the possibilities of your financial future. Use it to cast a ast a strong financial vision to take you there.

A Check List for Casting a Strong Financial Vision to Reach Your Goal

An effective vision should:

1) express your personal values

Your values determine your actions and influence your thought patterns.

When your vision doesn’t line up with your values, you won’t be able to follow through with it. However, your values will hold you accountable to your vision.

Values dictate your priorities — buy that 100 dollar pair of shoes or wait and save for them? Your values will keep you from compromising and putting your vision at a disadvantage.

Financial vision, based on your personal values and priorities, will make your financial pursuit enjoyable and make the sacrifices less daunting.

It’s hard to commit to something you don’t believe in.

2) inspire action

A strong and effective vision will be infectious, stimulating, and attractive. It will motivate you to achieve your financial goals and aspirations.

A compelling vision has the ability to inspire you to stay focused and committed to excellence. It persuades us to summon all of our energy, resources, and skills for one cause — to execute the future we envision.

3) be strategic

Your financial vision must be strategic; It oils take into accaccount your resources, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. True vision will acknowledge the challenges along the way, but won’t be hindered by them. It will take into account the challenges and compensate accordingly.

Develop a strategy to proceed. Create a plan that will align your financial habits with your vision for your financial future. If you do this, you will have success moving forward and your financial vision is very likely to come to fruition.

4) bring clarity

One of the biggest barriers to successful strategy is the lack of clarity of the challenge. -Macala Wright

Where there is strong vision, there is clarity of direction. Clarity reduces error, simplifies, and shines light on potential trip hazards ahead.

If your financial vision isn’t clear, it will be difficult to stay motivated, strategize effectively, and execute your plan.

Make the vision clear and you’ll encounter fewer surprises. You will enjoy a smoother journey and experience greater progress, which will help you stay energized as you move toward your dreams.

5) provoke a sense of purpose

Purpose is the reason for which something exists. It’s the explanation of why we do the things we do. A strong financial vision will bring purpose or meaning to all of your financial activities, which include:

  • budgeting
  • saving
  • investing
  • protecting your assets

A strong vision that can defend your financial goals will win your loyalty to the process… it’ll motivate you to bringing it into existence, regardless of what it might cost you

You will naturally and willingly give yourself (energy, ability, resources) to the process because it’s in agreement with your values. A clear vision (where you are going) with a defined purpose (why you are going there) is a MUST for managing your money effectively.

You Can Do It!

So, how are your finances?

Does managing your money feel burdensome and discouraging? If so, cast yourself a clear financial vision. You might be surprised to find that there is joy in managing  your finances!

You can do it!

Your Thoughts?

How crucial is vision in managing your finances? Do you have any insight to share regarding financial vision?

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How to Cast a Powerful Financial Vision For Your Finances

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